Application Development

Application development also referred to as software development is part of the software development cycle of a product. Various stages of development are gone through before an application is released to for public use.

The Process

There are several slight variations of the process depending on the platform in which the end product is designed for. For example, a application developed strictly for internal corporate PC use will have a different development process than a consumer mobile phone application.

Typically the development life cycle will consists of:

  • Analyzing a problem, to find out what needs to be developed.
  • Researching, to find if a solution already exists or how an existing solution could be improved.
  • Design, how the application will work.
  • Implementation, actually creating the application through programming.
  • Testing, to find any flaws. There are usually many test phases through out the implementation phase to address any potential problems as they arise.
  • Distribution, getting the application into the hands of the end user.

After distribution its not uncommon that some small bugs or newly discovered issues arise and additional bug fixing may need to be performed. In some cases, this is considered a part of the life cycle, while some view the continued maintenance of the product separate from the application server life cycle.

There are many variations of the life cycle in which some phases are treated as more important than others. Each variation has drawbacks and benefits and is up to the development team to decide which is best suited for them.

Software Assistance

Its very common to employ various software programs to aid in the development of an application. Depending on the application and platform that is being designed different software can be used for different stages of the life cycle.

Generally speaking, application development is done by teams or groups of people depending on the complexity of the application being designed. In any case the most common software used in all development regardless of platform is a collaborating and milestone tracker. This ensures theres no confusion between groups and keeps all parties aware of deadlines and of each others work.